Sunday, December 20, 2015

Stay safe online this Xmas - and beyond.


We’ve all signed up for this, that and the other boards, cashback site, online grocery site over the years and then forgot about them. Unfortunately, in a lot of cases, they haven’t forgotten about you…

• Trawl through your old emails going way back and dig out anything for sites you no longer use. Log onto the site (you may have to reset your password), remove any card/financial data and then close your account. Do this for ALL accounts you no longer use.

E.G. Took Ocado up on their free trial then never used them again? KILL IT.

Used to have your broadband with TALKTALK? KILL IT and so on.

Had a free email account with Yahoo/Compuserve/ – KILL KILL KILL

*REMEMBER - the fewer accounts you have out there, the less likely someone can pull down details and build a picture of your personal details.

“When tiptoeing through a minefield, make sure your shoes are as small as possible!” :-)